We are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Race Into Hibernation fun run is on                                    

Friday, November 1, 2019.  The Race Into Hibernation is an exciting, fun and healthy fundraiser event at New Hanover Upper Frederick Elementary School that focuses on our children!  This will REPLACE the previously held Race For Education which was typically held in May.


Please help the NHUF Boyertown Bear build its den so it can go into hibernation.  Students will raise money to help the Bear find a suitable resting spot for the winter.  Students will walk around a designated area and the longer they walk the quicker the Bear will find its resting spot!  They will receive a special Bear token for each lap walked. Students will also receive a special gift to keep warm while the Bear hibernates! This year we are going to great lengths to help our children at NHUF Elementary hit the finish line of their hard work and meet their goals for our Race Into Hibernation.  There is a lot of effort that goes into fundraising and sponsoring our children for this amazing cause! 


The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to directly benefit your child’s educational experience at our school. The purpose will be to raise funds for Activity Nights, a Fall Festival, after-school STEM Program, Outdoor Courtyard, book distributions, playground equipment, technology, library resources, book publishing, assemblies, field trips, educational requests, and classroom items.


Each student will raise funds by asking sponsors to contribute a tax-deductible donation to the NHUF PTCA via the website or by mailing a paper donation request form.   You might be able to easily Double your Dollars!  Please check to see if the company you work for has a Matching Fund Program.  If so, by completing the Company’s required form, your donation may go twice as far in helping support our children’s education!


Ways to Request sponsorship:

1.      Share your child's donation page link using social media, email, text, etc. (see instructions below)

2.    Mail out the Race Into Hibernation paper mailer.  Click here

3.    Online and mail out (a combination of 1 and 2)!


If you still need to mail out paper mailers, please complete the Paper Mailer Request Form by

October 7, 2019, so the appropriate number of mailers can be sent home for you (& your child) to complete.


 Your participation is essential to the success of this program.


  Our PTCA’s goal is to raise $8,000.  You can enable us to reach this goal by spending a minimal amount of time sharing your child's personal donation page link or by completing the paper mailers.


**How to share you child's donation page link**

1. Log in to you account

2. Under "My Account" Tab on the right, click on "My Forms/Paperwork.

3. Scroll down to Fundraising Campaigns and click on your child's Race into Hibernation link.

4. On your child's personal donation page, choose to share their page via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Email. (Under "Edit My Student" on your child's donation page, you can also change the welcome message that is on their page, change their goal amount, and upload your email addresses for the Race into Hibernation Crew to email for you.) 



The Race Into Hibernation promotes a healthy message and teaches our children the importance of health, fitness, and giving!


Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. 


Send in your donation in an envelope with your name, student's name, teacher's name, grade, and RACE.  If paying by check please write it out to NHUF PTCA. 


You can also donate right here.

 Race into Hibernation Donation


You could be one of this year's winners!




(1)     For every ten (10) contributors (not based on monetary dollar amount) a student receives, the student’s name will be entered into a drawing for THREE SURPRISE GRAND PRIZE drawings.  


(2)     The two(2) classes that have the highest number of contributors (not based on monetary dollar amount), one(1) winner for grades K through 2nd and one(1) winner for grades 3rd through 5th, will receive an in-class pizza or ice cream party.  


(3)     A special Race Into Hibernation Commemorative Gift will be given to each student that raises at least $25 in donations and an additional gift to each student that raises at least $100 in donations.  


(4)     A treat will be given to all students who participate.


(5)     For every corporate/business sponsor a student submits by October 21, 2019, the student will be entered into a drawing.        


(6)     If we reach our goal of $8,000, all students will receive a surprise!






Corporate/business sponsors

If you would like to become a Corporate/Business sponsor please fill out this form and send it to:

Corporate/Business form


New Hanover Upper Frederick Elementary School

2547 Big Rd

Frederick, PA  19435


2019 Sponsors





















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