New Box Tops Information


  • BoxTops clips WILL still be accepted from schools as long as they aren’t expired - and that’s at least 2023 from the current clips we are still seeing on products now.


Box Tops has decided to change the way we have been collecting and earning money this year. They have gone digital with the use of the Box Tops App found at the app store on apple and android devices. The process is really easy once you get in the habit of using the app.



  1. Download the app “BOX TOPS”
  2. Create an account and make sure to align yourself with NEW HANOVER UPPER FREDERICK as the school zip code 19435
  3. When you shop at any grocery store, Costco, BJ’s, Staples, Office Depot or any place where you would purchase groceries, household items, or office supplies. You will open your app and click “SCAN” you then scan your receipt it is really simple and the app will automatically tell you the amount of box tops on that receipt and credit them to NHUF
  4. In order to continue our classroom competition you will need to then take a screen shot of your monthly earnings and email it to with the teachers name in the SUBJECT line. To find your monthly earning on the home page tap your name and the screen will change and show what is below. (Turn in your screenshot once a month so we can track it accurately preferably at the end of the month)



Box Top Files

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Box Top Dos and Don'ts

Box Top Collection Sheet (10)

Box Top Collection Sheet (25)

Box Top Collection Sheet (50)

2019 Summer BT Collection Sheet

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Tuft & Needle

We have partnered with Tuft & Needle as a new collections fundraiser.  If your family is considering a new mattress in the coming year, click the above graphic.  One twin mattress earns our school $100!