We are planning to have all of our normal activities this year and will need YOUR help to make them all run smoothly.  There are plenty of opportunities to help at the school or at home.  


Volunteers are key to the success of our PTCA. Your commitment to school events, such as movie night, basket raffle, etc., helps to provide financial support for field trips, assemblies, classroom materials, and other programs.


Opportunities for volunteering can range from one hour on a given day to events that require many hours over an extended period of time. Many of our major events provide flexible scheduling options.  



It's not for money, it's not for fame,

It's not for any personal gain,

It's just for love of fellow man,

It's just to give a helping hand.


It's your reward in your heart,

It's a feeling that you've been a part,

of helping others far and near.

That makes you want to VOLUNTEER


Many thanks for all your help! 

PTCA Crews 

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Tuft & Needle

We have partnered with Tuft & Needle as a new collections fundraiser.  If your family is considering a new mattress in the coming year, click the above graphic.  One twin mattress earns our school $100!